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Long ago, man, probably a Chinese man invited the concept of ‘The Buffet’. A place where people would come, pay, and eat to their merriment and go forth to other endeavours shortly after.

Strong chance this man is now bankrupt.

As a fan of food I’m struggling to cope with buffet technique or should I say- my body is.

During my fearsome student days I experienced Red Hot World Buffet, £14 all you can eat and drink with a range of foods- setting a small food record of 21 plates which may or may not still stand- lets hope it still does.

I don’t if what’s changed recently but The Real China £3.50 buffet defeated me after one. So I question what went wrong- What did I eat that day? Did I fill up on heavy foods? How many drinks did I have? What would student me do in this situation?

Having not eaten two hours proceeding, had tap water and a well balanced food intake on my first plate I came to realise a simple fact we can all agree on- I wouldn’t feed this to an animal.

Having bought a buffet voucher on groupon I was never expecting greatness but I feel the over riding factor is I no longer eat value foods.
Student me was so used to junk that it was second nature, Red Hot was a luxury as I could eat a weeks worth of food and creep back towards a healthy weight for my frame, that’s the change.

Fine dining, wine, Nandos and Tescos Finest cuisine has killed off the cheap buffet. Would I go to an expensive buffet? Probably not, I don’t have the etiquette to eat 15 plates surrounded by ladies of leisure.

I bid you farewell All You Can Eat Buffet, the younger crowd will still eat your below par food but me, I’m sticking to the KFC Wicked Zinger Meal for now.