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I have an issue with people of limited scope, as we all do, but this time was different.

During working life people will come and go, usually onto better things of some kind. The convention usually dictates that you bid farewell with a lunch or drinks or both. In this story were discussing lunch.

The email goes around a week prior as standard and 12 people reply, fairly standard of a 20 person team. The next step is to book a table for 12 people the following week.

Following still? Makes perfect sense right?

This is how it actually went.
12 people replied for a lunch in Central London to which the organiser responded by choosing one of Carnaby Streets smallest boutique restaurants, Mother Mash. Great place, wonderful food and highly recommended.

The problem becomes two fold: Mother Mash doesn’t take bookings and it’s biggest table fits only nine.
Mother Mash is also one of the most popular Friday lunch venues- turning up at 11.30 is more than advisable.

I didn’t say anything directly to the organiser but made a £10 wager with a colleague that we wouldn’t be able eat at Mother Mash.

The day arrives, no one has realised Mother Mash is tiny, my bet is looking favourable and my smirk is growing.
We depart!

We arrive!

We don’t get a table!
We realise everywhere is full and long story short I eat a Swedish Meatball Ragu wrap from Pret whilst updating my Fantasy Football Team.

£10 win for me, embarrassing moment for the organiser and horrible leaving do for the intern.