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So I live in South London. Famous for Yuppies, Clapham Common, Murders and for Tooting having a GIANT Chicken Cottage.
For those who don’t know, Chicken Cottage is the standard ‘I’m pissed and want chicken’ kind of shop.

As such, I often frequent Tootings most famous attraction.

Most recently I’ve seen a few things of note.

Did you know Chicken Cottage is a meeting point for a local ‘gang’?. As it happens this also makes this fine establishment the scene of many of great fight. The other week I saw a beautiful choke slam onto a table and a young gent thrown through a window. Pretty standard for a Tuesday.

Did you also know that Chicken Cottage will make you sicker? Having been to a local pub a few friends and I decided we wouldn’t risk the hangover and risked a 2pieces, 2 wings meal.


Until the next day when my body, a few friends also, found the need for emergency bathroom privilege. I personally made it to midday in bed before I suffered a chicken based vomit.
Another made it to the gym before meeting their maker.

Neither were impressed.
Having been to KFC yesterday all I can saw is Chicken Cottage is verging on evil and KFC will always remain supreme.

Long live KFC. Colonel, we salute you.