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Going back a few years now, my 21st birthday was certainly one to remember, sadly I don’t remember many bits of it but I’ll never be allowed to forget the punch line.

Let’s set the scene, just done my January exams, student loan just arrived and a bunch of giddy, alcohol craving students are heading out in Leeds. You already know it won’t end well.

Started off with some drinking at The Old Bar in the Union…mainly 90p shots, then hit the Elbow Room for some Pool and more shots before finishing up at HiFi for the Ska Rock band and more shots!

All in all a successful night.
To round it off we went to the 24hr McDonalds for a drunk burger run.

This is when disaster struck.
Ordered my Chicken Nugget meal, large, whipped out my student card for a free McFlurry and readied my feast.
BBQ Sauce open, food laid out, magic.

Chicken Nugget one, covered in sauce hits my mouth, the saliva flows, my body rejects it completely and I dash to the door…IT WENT EVERYWHERE!
Projectile vomit over Leeds High Street infront of many witnesses.

The usual ‘wanker’ shouts were heard to which I retorted ‘it’s my 21st birthday’ which got me all the sympathy in the world. So much, a very charming girl escorted me back inside to an empty meal- a good friend devoured it- and left me to it.
She took my number but I clearly didn’t do it right as it only had 7’s and 3’s.

Oh well. Another classic Birthday.