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I’ve recently decided to go back to ASOS. After a bad experience a few years back I’ve been a high street shopper for everything even though I never try clothes on.

I have to say, I’m still not thrilled. Having spent over £1,100 on a series of coats and clothing (some to return) you would think they try and get this right.

In brief:
1) They need to work on their deliveries
2) Customer Service is excellent (pending positive outcome).

It’s been 7 packages and I’ve yet to sign for anything, more so, I’ve yet to see a delivery guy. Opening the door to a box in the step can only go on for so long until a baby appears.
Not impressed.

To expand on this, several boxes have been open with one key box having a pair of jeans missing. Can’t be certain but the delivery guy is probably wearing my Diesel slim fit hard wash jeans. The bastard.

On the flip side, ASOS like it when you complain, they like it so much they respond with a joke- made my week.
All my issues were immediately solved, even the ones that were my fault (putting the label in the box is always a challenge).

Props ASOS. Now, sort my refund and pair of jeans or this post will get very unfiendly.