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Snapchat, as I’m sure you know, is the future. A smart phone app that allows you to send pictures for 10 seconds with some commentary and drawings for those who don’t know.

I know what you’re thinking- this is the next chat roulette right?
Wrong, although it has been dubbed Snatchchat by my peers, I have yet to get any pornographic or PG13 snaps. Uber disappointing.

To summarise snap chat my experience in list form:
29 shopping experiences
17 taken whilst on the toilet
105 surprised faces
21 Anime character drawings
205 TV snaps
65 selfies
1 dead rabbit
10 work related
44 Alcohol related
2 of male nudity (I’m a guy)
1 video of a man vomiting and rolling in it…gross

As much as these are freaking hilarious, why is no one sending me nudity?
I’m no Indian giver, I’ve sent out ludicrous amounts of naked snaps, some very revealing and nothing in return.

Fans, if you are reading this, send me the juice- I’m waiting!