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So….I’m not proud of this one but it does highlight a few accountability issues systemic throughout my personal life.

I’ll throw a question in the mix before I tell a story so here goes: ‘if it’s harmless, but gross, I don’t remember it and it only really affects me…do I need to apologise to others in the immediate area?’

The answer at the end is most likely yes but the story has a few caveats.

Anyway, story! It was my birthday recently (37 messages included Facebook posts Thank You kindly!) and one Saturday I sat in the pub with some friends. Chat, Drinks and Laughs were flowing as standard with a hilarious Grandad chair being used to make everything that little bit funnier.
A triple run of jaeger bombs happened then we swept up our beers and went home.

What I thought to be a quiet night turned out weird. Vomit was everywhere in the bathroom and between me and my housemate we have no idea who did it- do we both apologise? I casually blamed due to scarf proximity but I’m not 100% sure. Well, he cleaned it so a little win for me.

Next up…I’ve been informed I went to the bathroom…in my bedroom…against the wall and in my shoe…TO WHICH I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO RECOLLECTION!

To add some details, nothing there is wet, nothing smells and no marks on the wall to suggest urine damage.

My question is- do I apologise and am I accountable for this?
My immediate reaction is no. This was my unconscious brain acting without my knowledge, nothing I can do about that.

I don’t behave like this sober and I know if I did this sober it would be horrendous, does drunk take the edge off?

Who knows, I’m still arguing with a friend that it does but it’s a uphill battle.