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I have a friend, surprising I know considering I piss in my own shoes, but I have a singular friend to which we will call Batman for story purposes.

Me and Batman go for lunch and generally complain about our other halves to each other, mostly minor until Batman became the Dark Knight.

Batman has a toxic relationship for a multitude of reasons not of her own making, various parent factors and other external factors. As a great relationship fixer I advised to go single for a while justified by you can’t have a toxic atmosphere and give each other ultimatums and be happy. Fair point I think we will all agree.

The response was surprising:
– I can’t what will my parents say
– Relationships are hard to come across
– It’s convenient for me.

I was expecting a ‘No I’m in love’ or some other soppy nonsense. It’s fairly apparent to anyone on the outside that they don’t work which brings me to my point.
Batman will certainly find happiness not in this relationship but it’s not the path of least resistance that we as humans often choose. I feel that my own happiness is the most important thing as it’s one of the few things I have control over. I will do things that make me happy, on my own if necessary, over something that makes me sad. Any collateral damage is likely to be minimal as sadism doesn’t make me happy. Question being why do many people not seem to do this?

Logic baffles me in these situations and I blame the emotional spectrum. People seek others out, no one enjoys isolation and loneliness. This comfort is holding Batman back in this situation to which I argue, if you can’t be happy on your own, you can’t be truly happy with someone else- the foundation is wrong!

TL;DR: Humanity needs to put itself first in some cases to be happy.